Monday, March 29, 2010


The dreaded Independent Professional Project Panels were today, and although many were left disappointed and must re-pitch their project ideas, I was one of the lucky ones who was approved.

My entire morning was taken up with rehearsing what I would say for my two-minute spiel at the beginning of my pitch. I went over it again and again during the drive in, coming up with as many questions as possible that may come up about the project.

Little did I know, this was all for nothing, or so it would seem. When I arrived and was seated across from the IPP instructors, my whole prepared speech seemed to be unimportant. I simply said a few small details about the project that were not included in the proposal, completely discarding my original speech.

The instructors began to ask some simple questions, and as promised, they found all the flaws my project had within it. A few minutes later, and it was approved.

The whole experience was great. I now know what problems I may face in the next year in doing this project, and ways to fix them.

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